Amazing Archery!

Today Class 6 had a go at doing some archery! We practised standing correctly, holding the bow, loading the arrow, taking aim and how to pull and release the bow. (There’s a lot of things to think about with archery!)

Here we are in action! We had lots of fun and George even managed to hit the bullseye! What a great first session!


Fire! Fire!

We’ve had a great start to the term by meeting Samuel in the Emporium. He was a time traveller who had been to 1665 and had seen the devastation of The Great Fire of Northampton. He told us all about it.


We then travelled ourselves, along the route of The Great Fire of Northampton. We found out lots of interesting facts about the Great Fire and saw buildings that are important as part of the history of the Great Fire!


A special thank you to all the mums who came along and braved the cold with us to help out on our walk – thank you.



Book Bingo Winners!

Well done to everyone who managed to get a ticket entry into the pot for our book bingo!

Congratulations to both Chloe and Alice for winning the books for Key Stage 1! Excellent work girls, how brilliant that both winners for Key Stage 1 were from Class 6! Giraffes, you have all worked really hard to complete you book bingo.

book winners

Next term, there will be a new book bingo challenge in your reading diaries, for another chance to win a brand new book!



Super signing!

Another surprise parent reader popped in to see us today! This time it was Elsie’s mum and dad who surprised us in the Emporium!

Elsie’s mum read a book to us which contained alsorts of animals. She signed throughout, as she read! We were able to learn the sign language for cow, horse, dog, cat, goose, duck and sheep.

Can you remember the sign language for the animals we heard in our story, Giraffes?



Surprise Parent Reader

It was great to be joined by Ethan’s Mummy on Friday.   She surprised us in the Emporium and read us a story.   Year 2, you sat very nicely and listened very intently to the story. Well done.


Next week we will have another surprise reader! I wonder who it will be….?

Deck the Halls!

Thank you so much to all the mums, dads and grandparents this afternoon, who joined us to make our wreath decorations. They all looked fab!

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Class 6, you were very well behaved, calm and on task, as always. Well done to you all – you should be proud of yourselves.



Letters and reply slips

There are a number of children who haven’t returned their slips for the Lapwings trip and the Xmas panto. We will be putting extra letters in the book bags of children who haven’t replied so please check bags tonight.

Many thanks,

Mrs Rashid

Our local area

This morning, Giraffe class have been out on a local walk, taking note of all the different houses and buildings.

We made a tally chart as we went along, studying all the different buildings carefully. Can you remember what type of buildings you saw, Giraffes?


Upon return to the school we used our data to create a Carol Diagram. It was tricky because we had to look at 2 sets of criteria! We sorted using odd and even totals and other criteria like chimney/no chimney, made of bricks/not made of bricks, to live in/not to live in. Some of us even thought of our own criteria!

Well done Giraffes, we were very sensible and well behaved on our walk. 🙂

Calling builders!

As part of our theme in class 6 we would love to get hands on and have a go at doing some real building! Therefore, if there are any parents or relatives that are builders or any people that feel they can help us out with our search to do some REAL building, please let me know!

Mrs Rashid 🙂

Silly or sensible?

We have been to the Emporium and found a challenge from a builder!

We had to use a spinner to choose a material and then an object. We had to decide if it was a silly or a sensible choice of material. The spinner came up with silly answers like a ‘paper car’ or a ‘glass matchstick’!

As scientists, we justified whether they were sensible or silly.


Can you remember any other silly choices that we had, Giraffes?