Our local area

This morning, Giraffe class have been out on a local walk, taking note of all the different houses and buildings.

We made a tally chart as we went along, studying all the different buildings carefully. Can you remember what type of buildings you saw, Giraffes?


Upon return to the school we used our data to create a Carol Diagram. It was tricky because we had to look at 2 sets of criteria! We sorted using odd and even totals and other criteria like chimney/no chimney, made of bricks/not made of bricks, to live in/not to live in. Some of us even thought of our own criteria!

Well done Giraffes, we were very sensible and well behaved on our walk. ๐Ÿ™‚

Calling builders!

As part of our theme in class 6 we would love to get hands on and have a go at doing some real building! Therefore, if there are any parents or relatives that are builders or any people that feel they can help us out with our search to do some REAL building, please let me know!

Mrs Rashid ๐Ÿ™‚

Silly or sensible?

We have been to the Emporium and found a challenge from a builder!

We had to use a spinner to choose a material and then an object. We had to decide if it was a silly or a sensible choice of material. The spinner came up with silly answers like a ‘paper car’ or a ‘glass matchstick’!

As scientists, we justified whether they were sensible or silly.


Can you remember any other silly choices that we had, Giraffes?

TLC times

Hello Parents,

Please see below the timetable for TLCs. Each slot is only an allotted 10 minutes. If we haven’t covered everything in this 10 minute session, we can arrange another time to re-convene.

See below the times given for class 6…



If you still need to book an appointment, please come and let me know. ๐Ÿ™‚



Today we experimented with different materials. We had a go at using different forces to manipulate materials. We checked if they were bendy and stretchy, if they were waterproof and whether we could make 3D shapes with them.



Can you you remember what materials we explored?

A Quick Reminder

There will be individual photos tomorrow! Remember to brush those teeth so that they are pearly white, giraffes!

Parents, if your child has siblings that don’t attend Headlands, then they are invited to have photos taken with your child from 8am in the Lower Hall. If your child’s sibling does attend Headlands, then we shall organise sibling photos during the day.

Hope you find that helps,

Mrs Rashid

Thoroughly Thrilling Tuesday!

Thank you so much to all the Mums, Dads and Grandparents that came today for Class 6’s Thoroughly Thrilling.

We started our day off in the Emporium where we found a letter from Mr Grinling asking us for help with his life jacket.


We planned our experiment then our parents and family came in to help us! Our experiment went really well and Giraffe class were making observations and talking scientifically about what was happening, before recording this on their Carol Diagram.

After saying goodbye to our grown ups we talked about why objects sink or float. We decided as a class we felt either the cork or balloon would be the best material (although George mentioned he was worried about the balloons popping!)

Fantastics work this morning Giraffe class! Super proud of all the scientific work today. Thank you so much for all the parents who visited today.


Lighthouse Keepers

Today giraffe class not only started learning about Mr Grinling the lighthouse keeper, but they also BECAME lighthouse keepers! They made predictions about the electrical circuits and then explored which one was correct by testing them!

Here are the super scientists in action…


Lighthouse makers….

Today lighthouse makers….tomorrow lighthouse keepers! The Giraffes are such hard workers and have been busy making lighthouses today! Thank you too all parents for your donations!

We will be looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday, where we will be carrying out a science experiment rather than making the light ย houses. Haven’t the children done such a good job, Mums and Dads?


IMG_6040 IMG_6041 IMG_6042