Happy Mother’s Day!

THANK YOU to all our mums who came to join us for our Mother’s Day event today! The rockets you made with your children were fab and hopefully you got to read their ‘heart-felt’ messages before they rocketed to the sky!

Wishing all the mums of class 6, a wonderful Mothering Sunday.


It begins with a bean…


Today we have been to the Emporium and found a bag filled with beans (we think they may be magic!) and a poem.

The poem was written by a boy called James.

We decided to plant the seeds and will watch how it grows over our topic!

What do you think it will be Giraffes?

Clear Bottle Request

Hello Class 6

Please remember to bring in your clear plastic bottles – we will need them for Monday. If you haven’t brought one in, please try to remember! We would like everyone to have 1 bottle each.



Clues and Unusual Findings

Yesterday, we visited the Emporium and found more clues left by Samuel Pepys!

He had left us 5 envelopes with clues about the Great Plague and a medicine bottle. We learnt many facts about the plague using our clues.

We wrote and explained about how the plague spread in 1660. We also became doctors and wrote prescriptions and advice like a doctor in 1660. We recommended things like, eat a toad, have a bath of milk and hold a bunch of flowers under your nose. This was like the real advice that was given to people back in 1660!

Finally, we played and sang Ring O Ring O Roses. We learnt what the true meaning was for the song. Do you remember what the ‘ring o roses’ was about class 6?



Today we were fire fighters!


This morning you had a surprise didn’t you Giraffes? We went outside and found a fire engine and some fire fighters. The firemen showed us what was inside their fire engine and we got to have a go at using the hose! Can you remember who the driver of the fire engine was?

We had lots of fun squiring the water and we even heard how loud the siren was!

Did you have fun learning about the job of a fire fighter, Giraffes?


Many thanks to Moulton Fire Service who visited us in Year 2 to help us learn about fire safety in our homes.